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Web developer with a passion for #html, #css, #js and a preference for #php and #laravel. I also have a small obsession with #devops and shell scripting.

I have spent way too many hours pouring over “dotfiles” repositories on GitHub — hoping to add shortcuts or small improvements to my personal setup.

There are already plenty of resources on the web for managing and configuring your own dotfiles, but I wanted to document my own “best practices” in the hopes that someone else could possibly learn from my experience.

This guide is tailored to developers using macOS and is intended for beginners. However, my hope is that even experienced developers can pick up a few tips & tricks along the way.

Note: Dotfile configuration is extremely personal…

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed setting up your machine with a basic toolset using Homebrew and Oh My Zsh. I highly recommend checking it out before beginning here (if you haven’t already).

Homebrew Cask

Homebrew is great for installing essential command line tools and terminal software — but it can also be used to install most Mac apps as well! Using Homebrew to install your most used Mac apps can be a great way to quickly reinstall (and keep up to date) the apps running on your system.

Let’s say you wanted to install the Spotify app on your…

Back in 2009, the source code for the Apollo 11 spacecraft was transcribed from scanned images and put online for anyone to view.

The code is a true testament to programmers ability to do a whole lot with very little. More importantly, it shows that whether your end goal is to generate sales reports or fly to the moon; the programming required will largely be the same.

Here is a short snippet of code from the project (with developer comments included):


Chris Jones

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